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Halloween decor with black candles, a wooden box, and skull

3 Chic Ways to Decorate for Halloween


If you want to take part in decorating for All Hallow's Eve but don't want to litter your home with plastic pumpkins and cartoonish window decals, fret not! Check out our top three ways to keep it trendy – and spooky – this Halloween.

Thrift It

Upcycling Halloween decor can be as simple as heading over to Lost-n-Found Youth thrift Store. Be on the hunt for unique items that can be reworked into the ultimate All Hallow’s Eve moody decor.

Keep your eyes open for candelabras, faux skulls, gaudy frames, statue busts, mirror trays, vases, masquerade masks, pillar candles, shells, rocks, feathers, dried flowers, and anything else that matches your spooky-centric theme. Keep in mind that even brightly-colored or quirky looking items can be easily painted or DIY-ed.

Buy It

Couldn’t find that statue bust or faux feathers? Didn’t see any ornate mirror trays or unique candelabras? Thrifting is a solid go-to option for Halloween decor, but sometimes shopping local means you come up empty-handed. Luckily, there are plenty of local places to pick up spooky Halloween decor. When you’re not browsing the aisles at all the favorite spots like Target, Big Lots, and HomeGoods, you’ll want to check out some Halloween-heavy stores around Atlanta. Make your way over to Halloween HQ just off the I-85 and Dollar Tree for the best All Hallow’s Eve inspiration and decor.


From pumpkins to plastic toy bugs, you can DIY just about any Halloween decor. Collect your crafting and DIY supplies just around the corner from home at either Sam Flax or BLICK. Whether you need acrylic paint and glue guns to wood and plastic modeling tools – these shops have everything you need!

For glam-inspired decor, try out this sophisticated craft project using some faux pumpkins, spray paint, broken mirror pieces, and glue.

Revamp the typical plastic skull with this authentic skeleton makeover. Just a bit of acrylic paint transforms a cheap skull into a spooky decor element for your Alta Dairies home.

For a more boho-inspired look, check out these trendy DIY ideas for some low-key Halloween decor options.

Looking to really ramp up the gaudy-factor in your home? Break out your hot glue gun, chalk paint, and a few pillar candles for this glam candle DIY project.

Make your Halloween decor look luxe with a bar cart twist. Perfect for hosting a Halloween happy hour, you can pull together some treats, make a cocktail “potion”, and dress up a standard cart into a spooky-chic bar presentation.

For year-round home decor ideas and inspiration, head over to our blog for some fresh ideas.

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