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4 Creative Ways to Keep in Touch With Family and Friends


With an endless list of video chat apps out there, keeping in touch with family and friends is easier than ever. And there are so many creative ways to make those connections. From happy hours to book clubs, virtual gatherings are surging in popularity. Here are four fun opportunities for a little virtual bonding – all from the comfort of your Alta Dairies home.

Host a Virtual Happy Hour

Host a virtual happy hour! From the comfort of your own place, pour up a refreshing drink, grab some grub, and link up on a virtual chat with your favorite people! Keep it simple with just a basic happy hour, or try revamping the standard hangout to include fun topics, themes, or interesting activities. Try out a costume happy hour where each person dresses as their favorite character. Host a flavor-themed happy hour where each person brings a berry-infused drink or a spicy snack. You can easily include some fun add-ins like a group game. Get creative with some quirky ideas to keep it festive!

Join an Online Fitness Group

For those that want to spend some free time getting a sweat on, losing those extra few pounds, or who want to feel stronger, try out a virtual fitness class or a Facebook group focused on exercise. Team up with your closest friends or family members to hold yourself accountable and work on health goals together. Moving your body is a stellar way to boost those feel-good hormones. Let some steam off by joining a free online yoga community on YouTube, or check out a virtual workout class at some of Atlanta’s favorite fitness studios to get your blood pumping.

Head to Social Media

Speaking of Facebook groups, social media is the perfect place to stay connected with family and friends. Gather everyone on a chat channel, direct message, or online thread via Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook. Share articles, memes, pictures, videos, or even clips about what you’re up to. Bonding and connecting with your friends on social media is a thing we all do anyway, so why not ramp it up and spend more time together swapping awesome content?

Start a Book Club

Calling all bibliolaters (someone who loves books)! What better way to stay connected with family and friends than with a weekly book club meeting? Read a designated book together and schedule a virtual meeting each week or every other week to discuss main topics, themes, details, and character development. Check out Pinterest for book club checklists, how to run a successful meeting, and thought-provoking questions to ask your group.

There are endless ways to stay connected virtually with your favorite people, no matter your personal interests. Tap into your creativity and come up with your own ideas, too! For those ready to venture out for a little face-to-face time together, here are some tasty local spots to visit!

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