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Young adults play a board game using dice and player tokens.

8 Board Games That Make for an Epic Game Night


Need ideas for a fun night in? Check out this list of Alta Dairies’ favorite board games and engage in a little friendly competition with your crew. Board games are big business these days, and there are fun new options appearing on store shelves all the time. So from the classic board games of your childhood to today’s most popular games, you can find something that will get everyone on board.


Too soon? Naw! Pandemic is a high-stakes game in which two to four players work together to try and treat infections around the world while gathering resources for cures. Because it's cooperative, the whole group either wins or loses, so you have to work together to create a successful strategy.


This classic word game is ageless, but Scrabble has surprising levels of strategy the more you play. Build words on a board from your seven randomly selected letter tiles and score points based on the cumulative value of each word you create. Keep a dictionary on hand to resolve any arguments over whether words like “kex” and “zorilla” are legit. There’s also a junior version for players aged 5 and up.

What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme? Is a game where players take turns as the judge to flip over a card showing a photograph of a popular meme, while the remaining players compete to pair it with the funniest caption. There are a number of expansion packs available once you’ve worked your way through all 75 memes (although you can play them several times and get a hilarious variety of responses, depending on who you’re playing with). This one also skews toward the naughty side, so it is not recommended for children or prudes.


This strategic game of whodunit is an oldie, but a goodie. Clue pits you against up to five other players to solve a murder mystery through a process of elimination. Ask questions and gather evidence in order to identify the right culprit, murder weapon, and location. Make sure you ask the right questions and keep your facts straight. Best for ages 10 and up.


This is another classic board game that is great for kids as young as 4 or 5 (although the game instructions recommend it for ages 6 and up), since it’s very straightforward. To play Sorry! you roll dice to try and move your game pieces around the board and be the first to get them all back into the “home” position. However, you can be bumped back to the start if another player lands on the spot one of your pieces currently occupies.

Catan: Trade, Build, Settle

Catan is a strategy game in which players try to conquer the most settled land across an island of the same name, using source cards like grain, wool, ore, brick, and lumber. The game board is made up of 19 different hexagonal tiles that allow for a different layout each time, so no two games are the same. This one’s fun for both adults and older kids.

Monopoly Game of Thrones

If you’re still pining for the GOT TV series that concluded in 2019, Monopoly Game of Thrones lets you return to Westeros and buy, trade, and sell locations from the Seven Kingdoms using Great Houses game tokens and GOT-themed money. The cherry on top is the Iron Throne card holder with a musical stand that plays the GOT theme song. Go all in on this game night by also dressing up as your favorite character from the show or books.

Cards Against Humanity

In the often raunchy and definitely not politically correct Cards Against Humanity, each player draws 10 white cards with funny, inappropriate, or unusual words or phrases on them. A different player acts as the card czar each round and draws a black card with an open-ended statement or fill-in-the-blanks question. The other players must select one of their white cards to complete the phrase and the czar then reads each one aloud before selecting a favorite. Whoever played the winning white card earns a point for that round. Freedom of Speech is a variation on this concept that Cards Against Humanity fans might also enjoy.

Have fun at your next game night, and check out the Alta Dairies blog for more fun lifestyle and entertainment ideas.

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