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A group of people playing billiards.

Get Back Into the Game (with Alta Dairies’ Vintage Game Room)


A little throwback fun is always just around the corner when you call Alta Dairies home. Our vintage game room is stocked with timeless classics. Whether you prefer a full arcade experience, classic bar games like shuffleboard or billiards, or even board games, there’s nothing like a little friendly competition among friends and neighbors. So gather your tribe and play away. Here’s a guide to get your started.


Are you a silverball sensation? Show off your skills at Alta Dairies’ pinball table! Challenge a neighbor to friendly competition, or go solo and shoot for high scores. So sharpen those reflexes and that competitive spirit and get after it.

Golden Tee

Have dreams of making the National Golden Tee Tour? Probably not, but this famed arcade game – a staple in dive bars everywhere – is a great way to kill time with friends. Perfect your Golden Tee “swing” with a little friendly competition. You could even sketch out your own bracket and battle it out among neighbors for arcade golf supremacy.


Perfect your shot at the billiards table, one of our Reynoldstown community’s prime gathering spots. There’s nothing like a spirited conversation with friends over a spirited game of pool. Go one-on-one with a neighbor or find a partner and challenge another duo to a little friendly competition.


Another classic table game, this one is all about finesse. Put even the slightest amount of extra muscle into your slide and it’ll go whooshing off the table. Find your favorite doubles partner, sprinkle the table with the perfect amount of sand, and fire away.

Board Games

We have a variety of board games to choose from. So snag your favorite and post up for a board game battle.


Looking for some outdoor fun? Well, you won’t have to venture far to find it. Our outdoor biergarten’s bocce ball court offers a relaxing setting for a chill showdown – perhaps even with a drink in hand. This timeless yard game never fails – even if your aim is atrocious! So gather up the crew and head to Alta Dairies’ great outdoors.

Looking for more tips on how to maximize your Alta Dairies living experience? Maybe you’re looking for ideas for things to do in and around Reynoldstown? Be sure to check out the Alta Dairies blog.

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