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How to Decorate Your Space for Summer (on a Budget)


Summer means switching it up and living out loud! That includes the decor you feature in your home. This year, be discerning about your design choices and pull your space together with additions that showcase your design prowess and save the big dollars for your entertaining budget. Alta Dairies is here to guide you through the process with options for what to buy and where.

Vintage Kitchenware

Snatch up some of this groovy Orla Kiely kitchenware with her signature 1960s print that adds a summer retro vibe to any kitchen. Kudzu Antiques + Modern features this popular Irish designer who became famous for her bold designs in the 1990s. All your friends will be a bit jelly of your style when they see spy Orla Kiely on your counter.

Runner or Tablecloth to Soften Things up

For summer, your furniture and you are craving some texture, color, and softness. You can find one or all of these traits in a decorative runner or tablecloth for your dining or coffee table. If bright and colorful isn’t your style, look for a grain sack feel or maybe a simple stripe that complements the tones in your apartment. Check out the Goodwill for your most cost-efficient options, or try Target if you have a few extra dollars left.

Outside In

If there’s one special piece you want to feature for the summer, Kudzu Antiques + Modern is the place to get it! Check out their garden and outdoor pieces. Upcycled metal art could be just the thing to show off on your patio or balcony, or even inside your apartment. Who wouldn’t want a metal goat or pig peering around the corner in their living room?

Flea Market Surprise

Atlanta Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a picker’s paradise! The secret here is finding the department with the most selection. It could be soft goods like draperies, placemats or pillow covers, or you might find a brightly colored set of mixing bowls to feature on your counter in the kitchen appliances and dishware section. Be open to exploring multiple departments. You may miss the best possible bargain if you fail to scour the entire store.

The Old Standby

The easiest summer go-to is greenery, plants, or flowers. You can spend as little or as much as you’d like. Be sure to mix it up – look for small plants, larger ones, or even plastic if you’re thumb isn’t so green. Give Garden Hood’s diverse inventory of plants a look, or head to Krog Street Market Collective Shop for their succulents. More obvious locales like Lowe’s or The Home Depot are also options.

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