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How to Pack for Your Next Weekend Getaway


Planning a weekend escape is exciting. The quick quality of the weekend experience means you’ve done your homework and decided on the activities you’ll be doing. But, even with a dialed-in itinerary, figuring out what to pack for a weekend getaway isn’t an exact science. That’s why we decided to come up with a few tips to help take the guesswork out of packing for your escape.

Research Your Destination

You’ve probably spent a dizzying amount of time exploring your chosen destination. You know what you’ll be doing, when you’ll be doing it, and how. But one important consideration when deciding what to pack is the weather. Extreme temperature shifts are common, especially in the fall. You could enjoy everything from sunny 70s to chilly evenings that drop 30 degrees before dark. This means packing a heavier layer is mandatory, but extra warmth doesn’t always equal bulk. Opt for a versatile jacket like Patagonia’s Nano Puff – it provides a lightweight windproof and weather-resistant warmth that stows easily into the jacket’s interior pocket.

Pack the Essentials First

Once you know the weather and how that influences your packing list, decide on the essentials you will need. By packing these items first, you’ll ensure you have room for everything. Essentials include everything from toiletries and makeup to your electronics, chargers, and travel documents. If your getaway means a flight, make sure you opt for travel-size personal products so you can forego checking your bag.

It’s easy to overpack when it comes to gadgets. A good rule of thumb: Pack items that can serve double duty during your time away. Could your smartphone multitask as your camera? The answer is “yes!” when you add a professional-style lens kit to your phone. These lenses promise a DSLR-like experience to help you capture stunning photos of your travels. Also, replace your heavier laptop with a slim tablet. A tablet comes in handy if you need to check in at work while you’re away or catch your favorite show during your downtime.

Multifunctional Clothing

Perhaps the most difficult part of packing is choosing what you’ll wear. Depending on the activities you’ll be doing while away, think about including clothing items that are dual purpose. Try a neutral colored pair of pants, like tan, that go well with a T-shirt for daytime excursions but can take you through an evening out with a button-down shirt. Accessories, too, can make the difference and, depending on their purpose, dress an outfit up or down. These could include a scarf, a belt, or a statement-making pendant you picked up at a boutique near home.


Like clothing, you’ll want to choose wisely when it comes to footwear. Shoes are bulky, which means you might be limited to what you wear to and from your getaway and what you can fit in your bag. We recommend choosing a trail-style shoe. You’ll have the best of both worlds with footwear that can go from off-trail adventures to urban explorations without missing a beat. Try the new Explore shoe from KEEN footwear or Brooks Cascadia running shoe – both offer stylish colors to take you through your weekend.

Another good option is a pair of comfortable flip-flops. They’re versatile, slim, and easy to pack. However, if weekend plans include a dressier event, consider replacing your flip-flops with leather sandals that can handle everything from kicking around town in casual style to an evening event.

Travel Outfit

Think about wearing your bulkiest items, like a sweater or heavier boots, on your travel days. While it may make travel warm, you can always shed your warmer layers. In fact, layering in this way will make sure you’re prepared for what fun is bound to come your way.

Start planning for your next weekend getaway now! Then check out the rest of our blog for other tips to enjoy your fall in the Atlanta, Georgia, area.

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