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Storage Hacks for Apartment Living in Atlanta


Finding the space to store everything you need in an apartment can get tricky, so we decided to help you make the most of your space at Alta Dairies. Take a look at these storage hacks for apartment living in Atlanta. Now you can get – and stay – organized!

Downsize & Donate

Your first step is to cycle through your stuff and make piles – one to donate and one to throw out. If you haven’t worn or used something in a year, you’d better do one of the two. Or, you can ask yourself, “does it bring me joy?” That’s what Marie Kondo would ask, and it’s a good place to start. It feels good to reduce what you own down to those items you actually use. Make piles for your books, clothes, housewares, and paper. Go room by room or category by category. You can also look at it like this, “someone, somewhere else, might really want to read this book or wear this shirt.” Head over to the Goodwill or the Habitat for Humanity Restore, less than a half a mile away, and start embracing the new minimalist you!

Hidden Storage

Alta Dairies’ chef-inspired kitchen puts you well on your way to a five-star dinner presentation. The soft-close doors and drawers make your prep that much easier. Install some produce-organizing bins in a deep drawer and you’ve instantly cleared your countertops of the potatoes, onions, and avocados. Dual-use furniture solutions are a growing decor trend as downsizing’s popularity surges. From storage ottomans and coffee tables to tables that double as shoe storage, the creativity continues. For an open-space concept, install a fold-down table and use the storage portion above the table to organize the things that relate to the space – like dishes or glassware, or even office items.

Easy DIY Projects

No coat closet? No problem. Use a trendy garment rack to hang a few of your favorite jackets right by your front door. Grab one with a shoe rack on the bottom to store your favorite seasonal kicks, too. This serves double duty as storage and as an accessory for your space. For instant storage magic, try an over-the-door hanging shoe caddy to organize just about anything – cords, jewelry, scarves, toiletries, and more.

Rent a Storage Unit

If you have items you want to hold onto for your future – memorabilia, antiques, musical instruments, business files – check out local self storage units like Extra Space Storage or Public Storage. You will get the best deal online and you can store for as short of a time as you’d like. The beauty of self storage is it allows storage options for the most minimal of things to the largest, like vehicles, boats, and motorcycles. Also, think about seasonal storage if your apartment space doesn’t allow for the outdoor gear you use just a portion of the year.

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